NakedCity 2016 Christmas Gift Guide

It's that time again where everyone is in a shopping frenzy. This is the time of the year where the overachievers get to bask in the glory of relaxation because they shopped for Christmas gifts earlier in the year. For the rest of you it's the panic, the rush and the uncertainty of what to get before it's too late. Never fear, NakedCity OKC is here! Ok, that last line was pretty corny. You can rest assured that we got you covered with a slew of gift ideas and suggestions that will have you kicking back with your feet up, sipping egg nog in no time.


1. The Rucksack

Tree & Leaf Rucksack

These canvas rucksacks feature adjustable shoulder straps, left and right outer zipper pockets, central outer snap pocket, two small zipper phone/key pouches at the top of the interior, and the deep pocket main compartment with a single divider. Drawstrings in the classic military rucksack style with leather collar to make for easy loosening and tightening. Leather straps to the main pocket are adjustable via belt clasps and can be unclasped to open, or unsnapped for fast access. Styled for the the school backpackers, the bike baggers, and the adventures of leg-stretching daytrippers. 

Available at Tree & Leaf



2. Rewined Signature Wine Bottle Candles

Rewind Signature Wine Bottle Candles

Reduce, reuse, recycle – a great motto to live by. One company that is doing their part for the environment is Rewined. The premise is simple:

Charleston-based Rewined collects recycled wine bottles, cuts off the tops, fills them with wax and voilà – a gorgeous candle made from something that would have otherwise been thrown away. 

Only the best all-natural premium soy wax and custom-blended fragrances are used to create their signature, wine-scented candles. The candle gets the finishing touch of a color-coded wax seal and signature of its maker. 

Sit back...relax...and Rewined.

60 hour burn time, 11 oz., made in USA

Rose: rose petal, white peach, pink peppercorn, crisp minerality

Cabernet: black cherry, currants, smoke, toast

Champagne: white grape, honey, bread, light citrus

Chardonnay: vanilla, butter, toast, hazelnut, cedar wood

Pinot Grigio: sandalwood, strong citrus, crisp minerality

Pinot Noir: fresh fig, cranberry, leather, violet, musk

Sauv Blanc: basil, mint, freshly-mown grass, grapefruit

Reisling: Asian pear, tropical fruits, ripe citrus, honey, light florals

Merlot: violet, rose, pomegranate, plum, vanilla

Mimosa: champagne effervescence, freshly squeezed oranges

Sangria: ripe mandarin orange, pineapple, cranberry, a dash of cinnamon

Spiked Cider: apple, cinnamon, clove, butter, dark rum

Wine Under the Tree: blue spruce, bright citrus

Available at Plenty Mercantile



3. The Mason Shaker

The Mason Shaker

Inspired by the classic southern icon, the Mason Jar, the Mason Shaker is a unique four-piece Mason Jar cocktail shaker that harkens to American eras past. 

Available at Trade Men's Wares



4. Oklahoma Cutting Boards by Northroad Creations

Oklahoma Cutting Boards Northroad Creations

Handcrafted wood cutting board by Northroad Creations.

*Wood coloring may vary from photo.

Available at DNA Galleries



5. Harry's Shaving 

Harry's Shaving

Harry’s new razor stand is designed to keep your blades above water so they stay sharper, longer. Made of gleaming aluminum and complete with a built-in grip at the base to prevent slipping.


  • Anodized aluminum stand has a minimal feel with a lot of function. 
  • Fits all Harry's razors.

Gives back globally

Sweatshop free


Harry’s donates 1% of sales and 1% of each employee’s time to partner organizations that prepare people from all walks of life for personal and professional success, like City Year. Through City Year, young people spend a year of service in our nation’s most under-resourced schools.

Available at  Shop Good 

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