Who We Are

Naked City was created by photographer/cinematographer Undrell Maholmes as a creative outlet for his day to day. Being an explorer by nature, Undrell would post images of the awesome people that he would meet and the cool places he would go to create. From his love of exploring new things and meeting new people Naked City was born. The name came from a friend who owned a now defunct magazine/art gallery. He decided to take the name and give it new life, for it to be the catalyst for exploring the people, places and things that made a place unique. 


What We Do

Naked City Creative Services offers the highest quality lifestyle content through visual storytelling. Working with some of the most creative freelancers from all around, We specialize in exploration driven content and influencer-led advertising campaigns through social media strategy and engagement. We also help clients reach influencers, extend their awareness, as well as build and increase community engagement via social media, events and more. 


  • Photography & Video Content:  Original world-class content created by our creative team.
  • Data & Analytics: Content performance review and insights from our data team.
  • Social Strategy: Creative campaign ideas for social content production and distribution.


The Magazine

Naked City Magazine is an annual print magazine with beautiful, creative images of the people, places and things that we've documented along the way as we create and explore for clients as well as for leisure. Part city guide and part journal, Naked City is a unique perspective of exploration and travel.